Learn About Betta Fish

At Betty Splendens we love to talk all about betta fish. Here you will find the best betta fish information so that betta owners learn about proper betta fish care, betta fish health and the necessary requirements for betta fish longevity.

Native to Asia, wild betta fish can be found in shallow ponds, rice paddies and streams. Male betta fish build bubble nests for their young with their mouths and do anything to protect their young from predators. On occasion, we’ve seen female betta fish build bubble nests as well. 

There are many different types of betta fish displaying a wide variety of beautiful colored patterns and tail type. Some are bi colored, some have white spots, some are a singular deep color. 


All About Betta Fish

Learn all about betta fish with Betty Splendens. Get ready to delve into the different breeds of betta fish, learn important betta fish facts and more. 

Betta Fish Breeding Practices
Betta Fish are usually bred on breeding farms in Thailand and other Asian countries. Occasionally bettas are bred domestically from careful breeders or found naturally in the wild.  

A lot of times the ones that are bred in Asia are kept in small bottles and then scooped into small plastic cups with only a few ounces of water to be shipped out to the US. These beautiful fish undergo inadequate care, harsh conditions and undersized containers that they can barely turn around in from the minute they are born. 

Betta Splendens also known as “Betta Fish”, “Siamese fighting fish” or “Labyrinth Fish” are native to Asia. These beautiful specimens can be found at various pet stores, superstores, florist shops and exotic pet websites.

The practice of breeding, transporting and selling betta fish is oftentimes cruel and can be harmful to the beta fish, causing stress and a variety of other health related issues. 

They are usually sold as affordable starter pets and the people who buy them usually don’t know enough, if anything, about caring for fish, or bettas for that matter. Properly caring for all species of betta fish can be much more expensive and complex than people initially realize.